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Cape May County Performing Arts Academy

Cape May County Performing Arts Academy

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Under the Artistic Direction of:  John Famiano

Our Mission:

To provide professional Dance & Gymnastics instruction within a safe environment which fosters self-esteem in all our students.

Our Philosophy:

Every child needs the opportunity to engage in challenging, exciting, and healthy physical activity.  Expressing one's feelings and emotions through physical activity builds creativity along with confidence and self esteem that results from Dance & Gymnastics training.  Participation in Dance & Gymnastics can have a profound effect on nurturing these qualities.  

Our philosophy will help children to develop both physically and mentally.  We strive to enable children to realize a sense of accomplishment by mastering new skills and developing overall fitness.  In addition to motor skills, your child will develop a level of fitness that will effect their muscular tone, weight, strength, and flexibility.  

Aspects of fitness such as muscular tone, strength and flexibility are also nurtured during classes.  We believe very strongly that participation in Dance & Gymnastics over a period of time can be a positive influence on the maturation of happy and healthy children.  

Our Goal:

Our goal is to see that each child receives quality instruction regardless of their ability.  We offer professional instruction, in a well organized and clean facility, with state-of-the-art equipment, in a fun filled and safe environment.  Our lessons and curriculum are guided by the principles of fun and safety.  

The emphasis of the academy is on Dance & Gymnastics as a rewarding, fulfilling experience, and it is designed to meet the needs of any student interested in the art of Dance & Gymnastics.  Great care and individual attention is given in nurturing the abilities of each student to their fullest potentials.  Our instructors stress not only skills in Dancing & Gymnastics, but social development and effective integration between pupils and Teachers.  

Our classes give your child an opportunity to develop confidence mental and physical discipline, determination, and self respect.  Your child will develop through circumstances that will demand their best effort and judgment.  They will develop relationships with other children and coaches who demand the best of themselves and expect it in others.  

Dance & Gymnastics is the greatest overall body conditioning activity you can have your child doing.  It develops all the components of physical fitness, it is rewarding, and it is also fun to work hard and improve your skills.  

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